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Chenrezig Bodhi of Compassion RB-300BChenrezig Bodhi of Compassion RB-300BChenrezig Bodhi of Compassion RB-300B

Chenrezig Bodhi of Compassion RB-300B


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Chenrezig ( Embodiment of Compassion in Tibetan Buddhism)
in Tibetan Buddhist pantheon of enlightened beings, Chenrezig is as renowned as the embodiment of the compassion of all the Buddha, the Bodhisattva of compassion,

According to legend, Chenrezig made a vow that he would not rest until he had liberated all the beings in all the realms of suffering. After working diligently at this task for a very long time, he looked out and realized the immense number of miserable beings yet to be saved Chenrezig may be the most popular of all Buddhist deities, except for Buddha himself -- he is beloved throughout the Buddhist world. He is known by different names in different lands: as Avalokiteshvara in the ancient Sanskrit language of India, as Kuan-yin in China, as Kannon in Japan.

High-density hand cast resin, each statue is individually hand painted by the master artisan in Lapis looking. long-lasting and unique
handmade in Nepal
6.5" tall

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