AL-007 Photo Album

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Handmade paper Photo Album, photo album comes with 50 self stick photo corners

Photo Album has one soft page to protect your picture or write on it and one hard page for your picture

fits 1 4x6 picture in each page
About 40 pages
Lokta paper (Nepali handmade paper) making is 2000 years old technique and one of the traditional craft from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Lokta is indigenous plant of Nepal, which is found only at the attitude of 6500 ft to 9500 ft. from the sea level. The bark of Lokta is used as raw materials for the purpose of making paper. Lokta plant is harvested by cutting its steam at ground level without destroying the main root. Lokta regenerates naturally and normally takes 2 to 3 years of time; hence there is no adverse effect on the forest ecology.

Handmade lokta paper is natural and eco friendly.
Hand made in Nepal

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