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Turquoise small Blessing Laughing Buddha RN-133BTurquoise small Blessing Laughing Buddha RN-133BTurquoise small Blessing Laughing Buddha RN-133BTurquoise small Blessing Laughing Buddha RN-133B

Turquoise small Blessing Laughing Buddha RN-133B


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small  Laughing Buddha in Blessing Mudra

This statue is perfect for your desk or carry when traveling.

Statue is hand cast high density resin hand painted in Turquoise looking

Each Staue is about

2" tall

Hand made by Himalayan artisan in Nepal

The Laughing Buddha's image graces many Buddhist temples, restaurants, and amulets, as he has become a deity of contentment and abundance. The image of Hotei is almost always seen carrying a cloth or linen sack (that which never empties) which is filled with many precious items, including rice plants (indicating wealth), candy for children, food, or the woes of the world. He is patron of the weak, poor and children.

Laughing Buddha statues depict a stout, smiling or laughing bald man in robes with a largely exposed pot belly stomach, which symbolizes happiness, good luck, and plenitude. Some sculpture has small children at his feet. Another item that is usually seen with the Laughing Budda figure is a begging bowl to represent his Buddhist nature. All of these images display Hotei as a wandering monk who goes around and takes the sadness from people of this world.

According to legend, rubbing the Laughing Buddha's great belly brings forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Hotei is also the patron saint of restaurateurs, fortunetellers and bartenders � when one overeats or over-drinks, friends jokingly attribute it to the Laughing Buddha's influence

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