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Three wise Monkeys RF-146A


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Hear no evil, say no evil,see no evil

The Three Wise Monkeys, and the associated proverb, are known throughout Asia and in the Western world. They have been a motif in pictures, such as the ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock printings) by Keisai Eisen.
Mahatma Gandhi's one notable exception to his lifestyle of non-possession was a small statue of the three monkeys. Today, a larger representation of the three monkeys is prominently displayed at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where Gandhi lived from 1915–1930 and from where he departed on his famous salt march.
The Three Vajras namely 'body', 'speech' and 'mind' are a formulation within Tibetan Buddhism and Bon which holds the full experience of the 'openness' (Sanskrit: ??nyat?) of Buddha-nature, void of all bar[1] the 'qualities' (Wylie: yon-tan) and 'marks'[2] (Wylie: mtshan-dpe) and establishes a sound experiential key upon the 'continuum of the path' to enlightenment.

Hand cast high density resin hand painted in Nepal

about 6" long
5" Tall

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