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Fun wool backpack Red BB-006R

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OUR FUN FELT PRODUCTS Our felt products are made by old Tibetan lady (now 60 years old), she started her felt products by her self that she learned from her father when she was in Tibet. After china took over Tibet she is based in Nepal and start making felt products such as bags, hats and many other things by her self, she had small store (5x6) at Thamel (a town of Nepal) and she was having very hard time selling her products and doing production at the same time, she had only one sewing machine donate by some other Tibetan, when we meet her she was struggling to survive with rent for her store and with her own life. When I saw her skill and her difficulties of life I promised myself to introduce her products via our company in USA. We showed her our designs and introduced her skill to USA, she start making them and we start buying from her in larger quantity, however being by herself she was able to make just limit quantities and but now her struggle is minimized and she is doing much better within a year, she was able to hire 3 employees as she grew, now she own fair size store in Heart of Tourist area in Katmandu.
She now have about 20 employees who are very happy to assist her in many ways and as she grew we are keeping eye on her productions and also her treat to her employees, she is very fair with her employees and her employees are very happy to be with her.
We are proud to be the one to help her and introduced her skill in USA. Buying our felt products will bring many like her employment opportunities poor country like Nepal.

Handmade Felt Backpack is all lined inside black cotton with Zipper closer flap close with Velcro.
Handmade in Nepal

width:12" height:11"

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