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Buddha Head Lapis RB-901LBuddha Head Lapis RB-901LBuddha Head Lapis RB-901LBuddha Head Lapis RB-901L

Buddha Head Lapis RB-901L


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The Buddha head statues are taken as the objects of great significance in Buddhism and by the followers of the religion. But this does not mean that the Buddha's heads carry only religious significance as they possess much other significance in anyone's life. These sculptures also act as great objects of the decoration of anyone's surroundings as they radiate the feeling of peace and calm around you. Along with the beautification of the surroundings, they spread the influence of peace and harmony around anyone's life.

Hand cast high-density resin each statue is individually hand painted by Artisan in Nepal

4 1/2" Tall and 3.5" Base

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