Hand Carved hand hammer bowl set 10" SB-601


Tibetan about 10" Hand hammer hand carved of 7 Chakra Symbol inside the  singing bowl comes with Donut shape Silk Cushion , wooden striker cover with swede give you more smoother tone and gong sticker
About 10" Singing bowl is hand hammered from scratch and made perfectly to bring you very deep tone with complete body vibration. hand hammered singing bowls are made by hand hammering process., every single singing bowl are carefully hand beat which requires several processes to finish up and shaping into a perfect hand hammered singing bowl.
 Tibetan Chanting of compassion (Om Mane Pad Mei Hum)
These singing bowls are widely popular for meditation, chakra balancing, sound therapy, sound massage, healing, space clearing and feng shui
Tibetan Singing Bowl is created from Tibet and all bowls are made out of allow of seven different metals, which represents the universe.

1) Gold
2) Silver
3) Copper
4) Zinc
5) Tin
6) Iron
7) Brass

To Play Singing Bowl-place the singing bowl on you palm or on the cushion and make less contact with your skin as possible,let the bowl sits freely(that is do not grab the bowl with you finger) when you place the bowl on you palm (smaller bowl better on fingers) Gently hit the rim of singing bowl and gently go around outside the singing bowl around the edge, keep little pressure on stick (that is push towards the bowl little more then just touching) while going around the bowl.

Hand made in Nepal

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