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3" deep silver Singing bowl set SB-033S


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Tibetan 3" singing bowl set comes with Handmade paper box, wooden striker and cushion

3" Silver Singing bowl bowl


The singing bowl is  carved with Om Mane Pad Me Hum in Tibetan Around the bowl (Great Mantra of compassion)

Inside the bowl is handpainted with OM symbol in Tibetan 

High-quality bowl. This bowl produces a great tone and the vibration-This bowl is perfect for the beginner.

Bowls are made out of 5 Healing Metals ( Silver, Copper, Brass, Iron, and Tin)

Handcrafted in Nepal by Himalayan Artisan 


To Play Singing Bowl

place the singing bowl on your palm and make less contact with your skin as possible, let the bowl sits freely(that does not grab the bowl with your finger) when you place the bowl on your palm (smaller bowl better on fingers) Gently hit the rim of the singing bowl and gently go around outside the singing bowl around the edge, keep little pressure on a stick (that is pushing towards the bowl little more than just touching) while going around the bowl.

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